Active Policy Solutions

ACPA Testimonial

“In today’s world, politics and policy touch nearly every organization. I am grateful for ACPA’s partnership with Active Policy Solutions’ leadership and talent in monitoring and advocating the federal and state political landscapes for the issues, concerns, and updates that my members care most about. Serving the higher education industry, ACPA relied heavily on APS for helping us understand and translate activities in the U.S. Congress, U.S. Department of Education, other federal agencies, and every state legislature in ways that my members could easily identify and learn. At the start of our relationship, APS took the time and effort to get to know my organization and our needs, and then translated those into areas of interest for broad and deep monitoring of public policy issues. In essence, they connected the dots for us between practice and policy incredibly seamlessly, so that our members not only were better able to follow legislative and political activity, but they also became more comfortable advocating for their institutions and students. When there were issues we cared deeply about, APS worked with us to craft letters of advocacy using our language, terminology, values, and culture, but also blended our message with framing that politicians could use to better understand our positions. I am deeply appreciative of Active Policy Solutions’ leadership and support in being a fierce advocate for my organization’s success, learning, growth, and advocacy.”

Chris Moody, Executive Director, ACPA