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Inclusive Fitness Coalition (IFC)


Inclusive Fitness Coalition

The Inclusive Fitness Coalition (IFC) is a national coalition of over 170 organizations dedicated to addressing the policy, environmental, and societal issues associated with the lack of inclusion and access to physical activity among people with disabilities. Active Policy Solutions is leading the IFC’s multi-prong policy agenda that will ensure that individuals with disabilities are provided opportunities to participate in and receive benefits from health and physical activity programs.


IFC engaged Active Policy Solutions to create an advocacy political strategy that will lead to the development of new policies to improve access to school based opportunities for kids with disabilities.


Individuals with disabilities who participate in physical activity have higher self-esteem, better body images and higher rates of academic success. They are more confident and more likely to graduate from high school and matriculate in college and experience greater career success and more options. Despite these benefits, individuals with disabilities are not getting the same amount of physical activity and athletic opportunities as individuals without disabilities.

Although individuals with disabilities have made significant gains since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, people with disabilities are still facing pervasive inequities in physical activity programs and sports programs, particularly in our educational institutions. Comprehensive change is needed to address the systemic exclusion and discrimination students with disabilities face in terms of physical activity opportunities and resources for sports participation.

The success of Title IX, the landmark legislation that prohibits sex discrimination in schools, in expanding opportunities for women and girls in sports provides a useful model for creating a structure to expand opportunities for students with disabilities.


Both programmatic and policy level changes are needed to fully eliminate the disparities in access for individuals with disabilities to participate equally in physical activity and sport. For the past five years, Active Policy Solutions and its CEO, Terri Lakowski have been at the forefront of efforts to unite the Disability in Sport stakeholders in a broader movement to collectively advance the rights of individuals with disabilities in school – based sport and physical activity programs.


In this short time, Active Policy Solutions has: