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USA Cheer, the national governing body for sport cheering was exploring the creation of a new competitive discipline deriving out of cheer as a way to grow the activity and expand participation opportunities for young people. Active Policy Solutions was engaged to support the development and strategic direction of creating this new sport.


Active Policy Solutions recognized that there was a growing body of schools at both the high school and college level that had created different models of competitive cheer in hopes to count it as a sport for Title IX purposes. However, none of these programs had been successful in gaining the approval of the Department of Education.


Active Policy Solutions partnered with USA Cheer to create a new sport called STUNT and launched an initiative to have it recognized as an NCAA Emerging Sport.  Key to this effort was securing the support and endorsement from Title IX advocates and positioning STUNT with influencers in a way that preserved traditional cheerleading while creating an opportunity for colleges, universities and high schools to comply with Title IX requirements.


The success and popularity of STUNT across all levels of athletics has been unprecedented. In just two seasons Active Policy Solutions and USA Cheer have: