Active Policy Solutions

What We Do

Our approach to government relations is based on the importance of building strong relationships with policymakers so we can advance our clients’ objectives. We are the eyes, ears, and voice of our clients. We use our relationships and expertise to promote policy, secure government funding, and raise the profile of our clients.

We pride ourselves on crafting individual, client specific strategies and implementing them strategically and successfully. Our achievements demonstrate our knowledge of who influences and decides youth development, civil rights and sports, health and wellness policy and how to engage them effectively. This section highlights some key recent examples/accomplishments from our work in these areas.


Active Policy Solutions works to advance the legislative and advocacy goals of its clients and has experience obtaining results.
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Branding & Communication

Recognition by members of Congress is a great way for clients to call attention to their work or projects and build visibility. Active Policy Solutions organizes government briefings and Capitol Hill Days and works to secure government recognition of our clients’ programs.
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Active Policy Solutions helps our clients secure federal funding and partnerships to support and expand their programming efforts.
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